Take control of your cryptocurrency
Gain clarity on your tax position with
complete financial privacy.
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Import your data
We support the biggest exchanges

By syncing each of your wallets and exchanges, we bring all your cryptocurrency data together in one secure place.

Simply connect your Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Bitstamp, Kraken and Coinfloor accounts via APIs to automatically import and sync your data in real-time.

Using another exchange? Don’t worry, you can create a custom account with a CSV upload and Recap does the rest of the work for you.

We’re constantly developing, so chances are your exchange is on our to-do list and you’ll be able to connect automatically soon!

View your transactions
A complete overview

See every exchange, trade and transaction in one place, and view your net gain or loss for each tax year.

You can also search, sort and filter by type, date, account and currency to easily find the transactions you are looking for.

Generate your tax report
Clarity on your tax position in minutes

We use your portfolio data to generate an accurate tax return, taking the hassle out of the finest details of your financial management.

Our tax approach and algorithms have been fine tuned in collaboration with chartered accountants and tax advisors to address the complexity of UK cryptocurrency taxation.

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Your security is our priority
End-to-end encryption ensures your financial data is only ever visible to you

Your security and privacy is paramount to us. We ensure that your personal financial data can never be compromised.

Unlike other solutions, your data is encrypted with your personal key before it ever reaches our servers.

This means no one but you can ever see your data - no employees of Recap, no criminal who might hack us, and no government agencies - which means you're safer.

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